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Our label printing company offers the ultimate eco-friendly, eco-responsible product. Linerless labels are produced without backing paper, resulting in less waste and the best use of the printable surface. Linerless printing technology allows you to yield more labels per roll, reduce your company’s storage needs and transportation costs. EcoSlim Linerless, a Multi-Action Labels division, is one of the few manufacturers with the expertise and equipment to produce quality Linerless labels.

Our labels are made to meet the needs of many different industries, including the food and beverage, eCommerce, and retail sectors. We manufacture a wide variety of highquality labels, from pressure-sensitive labels to thermal rolls, tire labels, heat resistant labels, and more. Our labels can be customized by selecting the choice of coating, ink, paper, and the adhesive. Our cutting-edge technology and expertise allow us to manufacture custom labels that suit your goals and product best.

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Benefits of Linerless Labels:

With traditional labels, 50% of the
end product is simply thrown away

With LinerLess labels:
• Less waste
• Less freight costs
• More labels per roll
• Variable-length labels
• Less warehouse space

Linerless labels are an eco-friendly and economical choice that requires less paper and reduces your overall expenses. Printing more labels per roll reduces your company’s storage needs, transportation costs, and results in more productivity.

A Linerless label is highly customizable, made to answer all your labelling needs. We work closely with our customers to create an innovative design and select the best finish, adhesive, ink, and paper to create the best label to represent their product. Print any size of label on the same roll of paper and cut it to size by the printers' cutter module.

As manufacturers, we oversee the entire manufacturing process of our Linerless labels. We have full control over all stages of production, which results in an excellent end product.