EcoSlim Linerless product line
is a Division of Multi-Action.

With our 3 coatings and printings manufacturing plants, we are not only just a printer but as well as a fully integrated converter which makes us a leader in the manufacturing of Linerless labels.

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Why do business withLinerless

Paper mill


Vertically integrated

We source our raw materials directly from the paper mill. We can ensure quality linerless because we control all stages of production.

RESULT You pay less for more

More control over the final quality of your product and less costs.

RESULT You pay less for more

More control over the final quality of your product and less costs.


Exceptional Adhesive

Our custom label printing company uses a wide variety of technologies, setting us apart from the competition and allowing us to provide optimal solutions adapted to all our clientele: rubber or acrylic adhesives (permanent, FDA, freezer, repositionable, etc.), applied continuously with no-glue zones or pattern adhesive. As a custom label manufacturer with factories in Toronto, Vancouver and Quebec, we control the amount of adhesive – from 8gr/m2 for labels on your coffee cup for the road, to 60gr/m2 for tire labels … we have a solution for everything!



Our multiple flexographic presses are ideal for printing large quantities of top-of-the-line labels at an affordable price. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can print self-adhesive labels with up to 10 colours and up to 20 inches wide. Since our environmental conscience constantly pushes us to make better products, we offer LED ink technology, one of the most energy-efficient inks on the market, known for its low migration qualities.



Whether you want to produce a limited number of labels, have very short lead times, want to have variable designs, or need computer-quality prints, digital printing is the process for you! Our ultra-resistant inks stand up to moisture, sun and even rain! For models or samples, it’s the perfect solution, since it allows you to produce small batches and make changes quickly. Since there are no printing plates, we save time in terms of speed and initial cost.

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